Septic Products Kill Drain Odor

Septic Products Remove Odor

Septic products must be high quality to remove septic odor.  But the best septic products do just that, and they do it quickly  Whether coming from your garbage disposal or your shower / bathtub septic treatments can be used quite effectively as a drain cleaner.

For all of the same reasons that the best septic treatments can deposit bacteria and enzymes into the septic tank or drain field to eliminate solid waste and bio-mat, it can be modified slightly and can serve as a fantastic drain cleaner / odor remover for household plumbing as well.

The only stipulation being that you want the septic treatment you are using to be granular.  Having a liquid treatment will not allow the bacteria and enzymes to remain in the pipes and drains as effectively as a granular treatment will.  If you suffer from this problem, the fix is just a quick three-step process. Continue reading »