Save Your Septic System From Problems

Take Steps this Fall to Protect Your Septic System from Problems

We mean to do it every year, sometimes we do, other times we do not.  Perhaps your septic system has been having some mild issues lately and by lately I mean the past few years.  Nothing too drastic, but from time to time perhaps you have a back up, or maybe laundry water surfaces in the yard then drains.  You know you should have it pumped out or treated, but it continues to be put on the “back burner.”   Take steps this fall to protect your system from problems, acting today can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Experts urge homeowners to treat their septic system, especially in the fall before the first freeze.  Septic problems stem from a drop in bacterial activity within the septic tank.  Laundry detergents, household cleaners, anti bacterial soaps can cause a drop in bacteria count, but COLD WEATHER slows down bacterial activity, which can compound the problem.  In cold weather climates, the months between fall and winter can do immeasurable damage on your septic system, especially those with existing struggles.  

Because bacteria is a living organism, it is impacted by exterior elements such as the cold.  The more extreme the cold weather the more severe the drop in activity.  With low activity, what we are really saying is that very little solid waste, paper, greases, fats etc are digested, meaning they will remain in solid form until which time that it warms up.  These solids can filter their way into drain fields and cause a host of other expensive problems to fix.  Maintaining your septic system is not difficult, however it does require you do something.

Septic bacteria additives are commonly found in most hardware stores and of course online.  If you choose to shop your local store, be sure that you purchase a product that is designed to RESTORE problems, not just PREVENT.  This not so subtle difference is where many homeowners make mistakes.  They choose a products from their local store without realizing that they need something far more powerful.  These preventative treatments are like a drop in a bucket, they do very little to change the condition of your septic system.

For real results, choose septic shock treatments, or restorative septic treatments that will reverse build up and drastically increase septic bacteria activity.