Choosing the Best Septic Treatments

Once you have decided to Rescue your Failing Septic System, INSTEAD of blowing $5000+ on replacing your system, it’s time to figure out the right one for you.

Trying to make a decision between “Septic Treatment A” and “Septic Treatment B” can be both time consuming as well as confusing.  Most septic treatment brands claim that their strains of bacteria are the absolute best for this reason, or for that reason.  There is also little conformity in prices either, depending on the brand you choose septic treatments can be on the expensive side or affordable.   Consumers are often baited into purchasing a product because it costs less, or conversely, homeowners are led to believe that because it cost so much, it must be effective.

You need to make your septic buying decision based upon solid reasoning.  In order to do that, you must first sit down and write out what your decision making “hot buttons” are.  The following 5 reasons are good criteria to use when choosing your Septic Tank Treatment:

  1. Speed.  Homeowners want speed.  They do not want to wait around months for their septic problems to go away.
  2. Effectiveness.  The best septic treatments must be effective, helping or improving the septic problem is nice, but you want to FIX THE PROBLEM.
  3. Cost.  Finding a septic treatment at a price that you could afford easily was difficult, especially those homeowners with more significant clogs in their septic or drain field.
  4. Customer Service.  Overall, homeowners are not overly knowledgeable about septic treatments and you want to have a company that can help direct you toward the option that is right for you without charging more than is necessary.
  5. Ease of Use. A shockingly large number of homeowners (elderly and or women) are not able to carry / use the septic treatments they purchased easily.  Many are in large, heavy buckets which can be difficult to manage.  Choose a septic treatment that does not require you to ask someone else for help.  You can do it by yourself.

Surprisingly enough, most of the companies that sell septic system treatments claim that their product is the fastest or most effective.   Many consumers are looking for a flush-able packet style treatment.  They are easy to handle and looked like the best alternative for most consumers, especially since they can work SO well.

The more information you have the better off you are as the consumer.

septicleanse-comboOur Brand of Septic Tank Treatment is Septicleanse.  We feel it is superior to others on the market, and is backed by a really solid guarantee.   If you have decided that treating and rescuing your septic system is the right answer (and it probably is), we feel that Septicleanse can solve your problems, and solve them fast.

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