Save Your Septic System From Problems

Take Steps this Fall to Protect Your Septic System from Problems

We mean to do it every year, sometimes we do, other times we do not.  Our septic system has been having some mild issues lately and by lately I mean the past few years.  Nothing too drastic, but from time to time perhaps you have a back up, or maybe laundry water surfaces in the yard then drains.  You know you should have it pumped out or treated, but it continues to be put on the “back burner.”   Take steps this fall to protect your system from problems, acting today can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Our experts urge homeowners to treat their septic system, especially in the fall before the first freeze.  Septic problems stem from a drop in bacterial activity within the septic tank.  Laundry detergents, household cleaners, anti bacterial soaps can cause a drop in bacteria count, but COLD WEATHER slows down bacterial activity, which can compound the problem.  In cold weather climates, the months between fall and winter can do immeasurable damage on your septic system, especially those with existing struggles.   Continue reading »


Septic Back Up Problems Stink…Literally

Septic Back Up Problems are Gross

No one wants to deal with Septic Back Up Problems, but what can you do?  If you have a septic problem, you are going to have some symptoms.  Some homeowners have flooding yards and foul odor that embarrasses them in front of the neighbors, others have the privacy of waste back ups inside their home.  Even if you had the option of choosing which type of symptom you have, its not an easy decision to make.  Homeowners often times do nothing, or decide to pump the tank, thinking that is all that needs doing.  Problem is that pumping only masks the problem and your septic back up problems will be back in no time.

Septic experts have stressed that pumping alone is not enough to keep septic systems running past 20 years.  For the first 10-12 years, you may be able to get by with regular pumping, but over time, the maintenance of a septic system becomes more involved. Continue reading »


Understanding Septic Treatment and Septic Systems

Septic Treatment Purchase Tips

Septic Treatments come in many forms.  Some are liquid treatments, some are granular.  Some cost a few dollars at the local store, others can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars online.  How do you know which septic treatment is right for you?  The answer, our experts say, begins with a close examination of your property, system type and age, and an honest appraisal of the situation.  Septic Treatments are a great option to help restore your septic problem, but choosing the wrong product can be a costly mistake.  In some instances, you may even find that repair is your only solution and that your problem has gone too far past septic treatment. Continue reading »


Is Your Septic System Problems Giving You Headaches?

Septic System Problems Got You Down?

Septic system problems happen.  On a long enough time line, each and every septic system has problems.  The reasons problems pop up with septic systems is traditionally due to lack of understanding on how septic systems work, although in some instances pure neglect is at fault.  If you are searching the internet for a solution to resolve your septic problems, you probably don’t need any more “grief” about what caused the issue in the first place.  What you need is a solution, and perhaps a quick education on how to prevent these issues again in the future.   Continue reading »


Septic Tank Restoration Tips

Septic Tank Restoration Is Easy with these Tips

For many homeowners the concept of fixing their septic problems by themselves seem impossible.  Part of the issue is the fact that they know very little about septic systems, but mostly people are unwilling to learn more simply because they think it must be some messy process.  No one likes the smell of septic odor or sewage smell, but septic tank restoration does not require you to come in contact with any waste water or solid waste.  In fact, in most cases, you can restore your septic system to full function without even picking up a tool.

Think septic tank restoration like this sounds too good to be true?  Or cost an arm and a leg?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, even the worst case septic problems can be solved for roughly a couple hundred dollars.

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Foul Septic Odor Spoiling Your Summer Plans?

Tips to Remove Foul Septic Odor from Yard

Foul septic odor is as repulsive as it gets.  It starts off faint, in fact many homeowners are in denial about the smell for a few weeks.  Eventually, however, the odor is undeniable and must be addressed.  Do NOT make the mistake most homeowners do, which  is to run to Home Depot or Lowes to purchase a septic treatment.  Rid X or Roebic or Drano are not going to get the job done.  Foul septic odor is caused by a far larger problem within the septic system, and a small monthly additive is not going to be enough to remove foul septic odor.

The first, and often times most important step, is acknowledging that you have a septic problem.  Foul septic odor does not appear from time to time for no reason.  The reason is real, and it indicates a serious imbalance in your septic system. Continue reading »


Septic Treatment Summer Regimen

Summer Has Arrived – Time for Septic Treatment

You have put off Septic Treatment for a couple months.  You know the septic system has been running a bit slower the past few months, but we have chosen to put it off until the last minute.  Now spring is in full swing and summer is just a few weeks off, it is time to address your slow septic system.  Some homeowners choose simply to pump out the system, removing the immediate need but not addressing the root of the problem, while others choose the more diligent approach of septic bacteria additives to reverse any bio mat or sludge build up.  No matter which school of thought you prefer, the time of the year to address your septic treatment has arrived.


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Septic Problem Household Products

Which of Your Household Products are Adding Damage to your Septic Problem?

Every septic problem has a cause and of course an effect.  When  you talk about septic problems, you may have many different “symptoms” that you may be experiencing, but only one cause for those issues.  Whether you have a clogged drain field or the occasional backup, a foul septic odor or standing water in the yard, ALL SEPTIC PROBLEMS BEGIN WITH BACTERIA COUNTS.

It may not be instant, it may not stop your system overnight, but when a septic problem pops up, you better believe it started with bacteria counts in your tank dropping weeks, months or even years earlier.  Septic problems are not rocket science, once bacteria levels drop to the point where they cannot keep up with the amount of waste within the system, problems begin to arise.  In order to prevent this from happening you need to be sure to maintain proper bacteria and enzyme levels within the tank. Continue reading »


Tips to Prevent Clogged Drain Field

Clogged Drain Field? Read these Tips to Restore

Clogged drain fields are a part of life, at least if you have a septic system it is.  It is ALWAYS a possibility.  Too much paper, too many household cleaners, the wrong type of laundry detergent and so forth.  Living with a septic system is no joke, you must remain focused at all times.  And any day you could wake up to a nightmare of a clogged drain field and be staring in the face of a $15,000 bill.

There are a few important steps that you can take to help prevent a clogged drain field, or to aid you in your battle to restore a sluggish drain field.  The first and most important steps is realizing that you have to do something, and that you cannot simply ignore the system.  On a long enough time line, septic systems left un-serviced and un-maintained will eventually clog in the drainage area and you will be facing some serious expenses.   Continue reading »


Septic Products Save Homeowners Thousands

Septic Products Save Homeowners Thousands In the Long Run

Septic Products are not a new invention.  There have been version of septic products for sale on the market for years.  A few of these septic products are sold nationally in hardware stores and the like.  Strangely, homeowners often find themselves wondering whether or not these treatments work.  In an interesting consumer twist, homeowners tend to follow the opinion of their septic treatment contractor, who is directly compensated for a poor running septic system.  Yet these contractors keep selling their clients a bill of goods and homeowners continue to gobble it up costly hundreds, even thousands more than is necessary.   Continue reading »